Two Ways to do Government Corp Fin

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:


    I read your posts with great interest. However, I have noted that they seem to prokoke less comment and discussion than some other posts on Co-op. I want to make sure you don’t take the lack of commenting to be a lack of interest on the part of at least some of the readership.

    I think Geithner’s guidelines are important in helping both the public and the banks in understanding exactly what treasury is trying to do, even if they deviate every so often from the guidelines. Paulson’s “trust me” approach was problematic because we didn’t even know what we were trusting him to do. If Geithner departs from his guidelines in a significant manner, at least we can ask him why he did so, and query if that necesitates a new set of guidelines.

  2. Peter Henning says:

    I’d like to second Dave’s point about the value of the posts, Larry. Yours are uniformly thorough and present the issue in a clear manner. Frankly, I can’t comment much on them beyond saying “Good point, and very well said.” Be assured you have fans out here in the blog-reading world.