The Oath

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3 Responses

  1. Blaise Pascal says:

    I know there are some right-wing wing-nuts who are already pointing at the oath kerfuffle to argue that Obama’s presidency isn’t really legitimate. I’m also certain that, if the Oath kerfuffle was important enough of a matter to illegitimize Obama’s presidency, Roberts and Obama would have redone the Oath backstage afterwards to get it right.

    But my real question is…. how much of the oathtaking that we see just so much ceremony? To draw an analogy, in many jurisdictions a couple don’t become married when the officiant says “I now pronounce you husband and wife”, but rather when the marriage license is signed and countersigned by all involved. Similarly, is the Oath before the inaugural speech not the legally important bit, but rather a written version signed separately?

    Does the National Archivist possess a document containing the Presidential Oath signed by Obama? Or is it too much to ask that Government be ruled by paperwork?

  2. WL says:

    Or, as the wags at Above The Law put it, so much for the 2 most powerful alumni of Harvard Law Review…

  3. Lacie says:

    Roberts is an appointee of George W Bush. I am not surprised that he played trick on Obama.