Spreading Blame in Ponzi Scheme

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1 Response

  1. Mike, MI says:

    If anybody made large sums of money consistently with dealings at Wall Street, I believe something was fishy. Some of these crooks will never accept and Madoff had no choice other than accepting when he was exposed.

    I am angry as anybody who unknowingly put their life savings into the hand of these crooks and Wall Street thieves. This guy comes from a name to Made Off. They know how to talk nice while hiding the ugly part and once somebody criticizes them then to bring the race card to stop scrutiny.

    American people should demand investigating everybody who made fortunes in Wall Street dealings. This includes Bloomberg, Buffet and other famous people. Those who guilty should treat worse than a murderer since their actions robbed livelihood of many “individual American families” and led some to commit suicide. Strip them all the way and send them to beg on street like homeless. Anything less is a shame and we need to send a massage to “crooks to be” in Wall Street.