The Coming Capital Flood

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1 Response

  1. Carol says:

    “A Tsusami of Hope or Terror” presents us with the problem of what will happen when the securitizations and the synthetic CDO’s and the CDS’s of the past few years play out in the next few years.

    This nightmare was created out of the minds of attorneys, CPA’s, big law firms, and investment bankers who produced all of these securitizations and gambling opportunities that have been sold throughout the world to innocent investors –who had faith in the unrealistic and inflated credit ratings. Apparently, you have to have product to sell to make money and the financial products industry was happy to accommodate.

    These instruments were unregulated but lawful and this is what is really troubling. The “outlaws” have been allowed to roam free throughout the world and no regulators or law enforcement agencies are looking for them. Where was the academic community when all of this was taking place?

    The courts will not be able to handle the litigation this will produce in the future. The judges will need specialized education to understand the financial games that have been played. The expert witnesses will confound the juries who, if they really understand how the games were played, will be amazed and appalled that all of this was legal throughout the World.

    I guess the UK first introduced the concept of securitization to the World and the World Capitalists all jumped on the train to where?????