Capitalism and Regulation

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1 Response

  1. Carol Cross says:

    In this global economy, where the multi-national corporations work always to maximize their profits with cheap labor, the governments of the World will have to figure out how to protect their respective economies from the “version” of the vision of a global economy that may not serve the interests of the masses who need jobs available where they work and live — in their cities and towns and villages within the sovereign nation in which they live.

    I’m not surprised that the President would issue this warning about Regulation at this time, but I am sure that the President doesn’t understand the underlying problems that created the crisis in our economy any more than The Congress of the United States.

    Hopefully, the President is not defending the status quo and suggesting that nothing be done but rather, he is suggesting that The Congress IDENTIFY the PROBLEM before they try to fix it. What and Why and Who wounded the great Bull of Capitalism?

    The “optimistic case” would appear to be what we owe to the World as a powerful member of the World community. The World, if it is thrown into recession, will blame the United States and its lack of principles in regulation as the cause of the crisis.