Playing Capture the Flag?

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2 Responses

  1. mike zimmer says:

    Talking with my daughter, a senior in college, last night, she told us that a kid had been caught on the ever present video cameras “keying” a car with a McCain bumper sticker. The owner of the car made the student contribute the cost of repairs — $900 — to the Republicans. Not a bad idea to help someone mature, I think.

  2. Quidpro says:

    The act of destroying or stealing campaign signs of opposition politicians is reprehensible. But, sadly, not surprising.

    The Federal Government has restricted political speech through campign finance reform legislation. There is renewed talk of bringing back the “fairness doctrine”. If it is acceptable for the Government to regulate political speech, why should the petty vandalism of yard signs surprise us?

    One of the delicious ironies of this presidential campaign is the distinct fund-raising disadvantage of John McCain, champion of campaign finance reform.