Where’s the SEC?

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3 Responses

  1. David Zaring says:

    That’s right – this has been delayed. At this point, I suspect it has been delayed too long for Cox’s chairmanship……

  2. We are still on track to IFRS implementation in Canada in 2011.

    Two things are of note. In any event the FASB and the IASB are working on convergence projects and that will be good in itself.

    As well the SEC is allowing foreign issuers to file in IFRS without reconciliation to US GAAP. I wonder if that will remain the case.

    This is very interesting. I cannot see Chairman Cox pushing IFRS in the next few weeks. I raised this in my blog last week.

    “The IFRS Exorcist”

  3. Lawrence Cunningham says:


    Thanks for the note and reference to your blog, which is a rich repository of analysis on IFRS, espeically in Canada. I’m bookmarking it. Concerning your post there and this one about the SEC’s delay, some new good reporting appears in CFO Magazine’s on-line version at this link: