ConTwittering Opinions?

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2 Responses

  1. David Zaring says:

    We’re just obsessed with delivering content in all the modern ways, Kaimi…..

  2. Well, a good word should be said about the EFFICIENT LAYOUT that short headlines provide. Twitter is one way to do that (through forced 140-character postings), but good webzine layout is another. RSS does it as well, but a well-designed website (think Slate) is much more enjoyable to read than an RSS feed.

    (Twitter, of course, also encourages the brevity of reaction to a news link…)

    The blog ethos is to flood the readers with huge updates so that the readers are forced to follow the site regularly to track what’s new. It would be nice, given the frequency of CoOp postings from multiple contributors, to see a summary view on the front page (again, think Slate.)