The Sleepiest Tax Lawyer

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6 Responses

  1. Sam B. says:


    The only reason I can think that it hasn’t been published yet would be the illustrations. I know my 2-year-old daughter would eat it up, and doubly so if it had flaps for her to lift.

    The other day I was marking up a document at home, and she wanted to help me color the paper. She’ll probably follow me into the world of tax law, unless, of course, my wife has anything to say about it.

  2. That book is so porific. Thanks.

  3. Abe Carnow says:

    Where is the happy ending?

    And is there an implied statement here, that Rip Van Winkle actually grew up to be the Commissioner of the IRS?

  4. It’s not really a children’s book unless someone kisses her, wakes her up and rescues her from having to work all day. Perhaps the managing partner, who is captivated by her classic beauty and overheard her singing one day. Perhaps she sings in her sleep. And I agree about the flaps.

  5. Apep says:

    I volunteer to write the sequel about the formerly sleepy tax lawyer and modafinil.

  6. ART Bradham says:

    My college age daughter, also named Sarah, pronounces your story “wonderful. It knocked me right out.” She had relied on me for years to tell her tax stories; now maybe we have a new source. Flaps and coloring pages are required, for all ages.