Elitism: A Good Thing Too

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2 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    One more log for the fire:

    Let us not forget that John McCain is also a product of one of the the most “elite” of the elite clubs around: the officer corps of the US Navy. He is the scion of naval royalty (father & grandfather were both Navy Admirals). Talk with any overseas dependent where the local Navy Commander was in charge — Canal Zone, Guam, Subic Bay, etc. and the locals will tell you how the Navy went to lengths to set themselves apart from the community they ruled. This is the world into which he was born and raised. He even married well — when is the last time McCain flew coach??

  2. Heusner says:

    Being completly pragmatic elitism is the only modern form of social equity that can be exercised efficiently, a deontological approach(in accordance to theories by Immanuel Kant) being based on the initial moral weighing of an action is very theoritically beautiful but in practicality it cannot exist as such, if we fail to prevent the middle and lower class to gain power then we cease to exist. By allowing other groups to take power you inevitably lead to war and anarchy, which war is another form of anarchy because there is no possible way to justify or analyze an action or event. No rational though can exist in anarchy because it is a system prescribed so that morality and determanence is futile, thus by not allowing the elite to rule we fall into a state of anarchy and war in which we cease to exist, and this happens when we fail to sacrifice blood and words, the only two things that we have that mean anything.