Summer Workshops

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4 Responses

  1. I. Glenn Cohen says:

    Here at Harvard we have a full internal faculty workshop twice a week. Because we have so many great visitors presenting during the year, this ensures time when the permanent faculty can present their work.

  2. Randy Picker says:

    Once a week at Chicago. This is our Thursday lunch work-in-progress workshop. Good attendance, with some variance as vacation schedules move around. Definitely worth doing.

  3. Dan Markel says:

    Hi Carissa,

    we have about 6-8 primarily internal workshops during May and June at FSU. During the school year, the slots are generally for visitors, but we have a variety of informal opportunities for juniors or others to present on a more ad hoc basis.

    Enjoy being off the grid.

  4. In the summer, Minnesota has weekly lunches where our own faculty usually present works much less developed than the norm for a “work in progress” talk. More like “please comment on what I am working on this summer.” I did it both this summer and last and it was extremely helpful to me, and it also is a really good way to coordinate faculty coming in and seeing each other in the summer.