Panic or Crisis?

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3 Responses

  1. Fraud Guy says:

    Undeniably, however, at a more macro level, the US trade deficit continues to hit record levels, the US dollar remains anemic by historical standards and the federal budget deficit is astonishingly high, particularly for a Republican administration.

    You should just delete that last phrase. It is not necessary, and seems to imply that you expect Democrats to create deficits, not Republicans. In my political lifetime, it has been the Republican administrations who have increased the deficits, so you may wish to change it to “, which is typical for a Republican administration.” Or you could just delete it to be seen as apolitical instead of partisan.

  2. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Fraud Guy: I have no objection to the suggested deletion.

  3. Larry,

    Great post. This is an important topic. I am glad to see nuanced analysis.

    Regarding the above phrase, Republicans have long cultivated an image of fiscal restraint, even if the last three decades have exposed it as just an image. I got your drift. Fraud Guy’s comment is enough of a corrective. bh.