More Comments on HIV Criminalization

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2 Responses

  1. Shane Hartman says:

    I agree it probably would be a socially hopeless way of addressing the HIV problem. In defense of a legal solution, wouldn’t it be great to correct for the power differential by legally endowing words with power in an effort to offset the social, cultural, and possible physical (regardless of gender) power differentials likely at play? I guess the problem is that in the real world, as the video so comically pointed out, these solutions are impractical. If I wasn’t taking the bar in 5 days I would look for empirical literature on how effective rape laws and vigilant prosecutions are in deterring rape. I think this type of empirical evidence could inform this question about the desirability of criminalizing HIV infection.

  2. colon detox says:

    i wonder when are we going to have the cure for HIV/AIDS ? we are living on an age with very high technology but still we have not found a cure for this disease.