Northwestern’s Third Year

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2 Responses

  1. Deven says:


    Love the posts in general.

    As for this topic, the mobblog on legal education I organized and Madisonian hosted has several posts on the topic. Also my post about having a teaching law firm gets into the topic. In short, whether these moves will train new attorneys better and what the contours of the experiential model are seem to be in flux. Insofar as firms think law school can create a fully ready to pracitce (thus reduced cost to the firm attorney) the move may miss the mark.



  2. k says:

    Just to note, students at NU currently can spend a full semester working with a professor on a research project and get 14 hours of credit for it, so the “research opportunities” part is not new. (I know very few students able to take advantage of that, though, as it requires a nearly equal commitment from the supervising faculty member, and I can’t imagine that would change–NU seems, unfortunately, less interested in facilitating future academics in this way than future General Counsels.)