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3 Responses

  1. jag says:

    lol. Law professors complaining about quality of life.

  2. Rick Garnett says:

    Hi William — as one-half of a prawf-partnership-with-three-young-kids, I appreciate your post. The previous commenter makes a good point: we law-teachers have it relatively good. It seems to me that my wife and I (like other prawf-couples) are *far* more likely to be able to integrate a rewarding and reasonably productive professional life — and tenure — with coaching T-ball, visiting the kindergarden class, helping out at church, having friends to dinner, reading fiction, etc., than are our friends, and students, who are asking the “balance” question with respect to, say, two partnership tracks at a Chicago law-firm. Again, we have it good, and I’m grateful. It’s our students who face the real challenge. What do / should we tell *them*?

  3. David Hardy says:

    Fitness training? Are they nuts? At 3-4 yrs old, my eldest could walk my legs off.

    As far as gracious living … what portion of diapering a child was misunderstood? Kids will usually interrupt a dinner party, and the sun will rise in the east.

    Bottom line: if a person doesn’t want to have children, they shouldn’t do so. Then they can write all the thank-you notes they desire. And avoid the rest of us if they find children so upsetting.