Sadomasochism Sex with Student=Professor Fit to Teach?

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4 Responses

  1. Seth R. says:

    Sadism isn’t a disqualification for being a law professor. In fact, in many quarters, it’s considered an asset.

  2. I love the prior comment by Seth R.; my only disagreement with him is that he only limits SM application to law profesors, lets not forget all the others profs who are into power and control, particularly those profs who read from their textbooks to a captive audience while at the same time assigning the same text to students as required reading.

    And as for Paul Secunda’s post on the UNM affair,

    in my original dankprofessor blog posting I indicated that it is quite likely that the UNM decision will be appealed at the behest of disgruntled and offended faculty who did not get their way in this matter. But even if there is no appeal or if they appeal and lose, the probability is that the disturbed faculty will wear down this faculty member by bullying and if you will, mobbing. In that context she will be found to have violated just about every university rule and be constantly confronted by hostile colleagues. Such is not a reflection of the dankprofessor being cynical, but is a realistic view of the academia world.

    What is most amirable about the UNM administration is that the administration hired an attorney to investigate the matter prior to their arriving at any decision. The UNM administration refused to apply any a priori assumptions, such as differential power precludes consent.

    According ot the UNM administration,what the investigation found was that the “website involvement of two graduate students preceded the involvement of Professor Chvez, and that both she and a third graduate student learned of the website from the graduate students whose involvement preceded their own. All four of these adult women reported that their activities were consensual, and all disclaimed any recruitment, solicitation, or coercion.”

  3. anonlawprof says:

    I read this and said to myself, it must be that the other person involved was a woman, and given the pc attitudes at universities, the provost wouldn’t punish same-sex sexual activity. Sure enough, all of the participants were women.

  4. Gimme, gimme, gimme more says:

    What is the link to the website? How can we judge what the panel did without viewing the images for ourselves?