The New Identification: The FBI’s Biometric Database

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14 Responses

  1. N says:

    Our only hope is that Ron Paul is elected President. He knows what’s going on and refuses to let it happen without a fight!



  2. Kevin Bouche says:

    Look, I don’t see a problem when they’re doing it for national security. I mean what is the major “invasion of privacy” people constantly refer to? In my opinion, I want people that need to be locked up, for that to happen ASAP to make this country safer. The idea is that no one trusts anyone anymore. By the way, to the previous poster, how does a presidential candidate have anything to do with this strict issue? People change once they get into the political sector; moreover, the White House.

  3. KC in NC says:

    George Orwell did not write 1984 as an instruction manual he wrote a novel. The FBI has made some very serious mistakes with horrific consequences. Furthermore the Feds could not find their own rear ends unless they were pointed out to them. Computers are not foolproof or tamper-proof. Spoon feeding this bull feces to a bunch of sheep who believe this country can be made safer is just that – crap. It has already been PROVEN face recognition software only works about half the time and sometimes less than 10% of the time. What’s next – implanting microchips in our brains at birth so they can monitor our thoughts. There is no such thing as safety anywhere and to broker this fallacy is a joke but unfortunately people will follow right along (can anyone say baaaaa baaaa?)with this delusional idea. Big brother is already out of control and has no control over the things it should have control over such as pedophiles and internet kiddie porn. We have too many other problems in this country that need to be addressed,(homelessness, health care, etc, etc, etc.) and a multi-billion dollar program that is a complete invasion of privacy is not one of our top priorities.

  4. Kevin Bouche says:

    Okay look, the 1984 refrences are just annoying anymore. If you’re going to argue a point, at least dignify a response with a real analogy, not just a bunch of improper remarks. Plus, this is an issue that needs to be fine tuned before ever being released or even tested. People are so damn concerned with privacy regarding statements like this article, but yet this isn’t a full invasion of privacy, it’s protection and analysis to prevent dangerous criminals from being on the street that have warrants, or catch a person that has completely gone off the map. Don’t just shoot something down in the development stage when it’s not being implemented yet. All the hippies and people that are just so upset about a country that wants to take security measures can just leave the states and find a new home. Don’t wine about the current situation because of a novel written how many years ago? Orwell didn’t exactly try to predict anything, he just wanted people to be alert and aware.

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