It’s Not the Size of the Gift, But the Rationalization that Counts

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  1. Jack Lindsey says:

    Like pregancy, you cannot be half honest or only have half of the needed integrity to be untouched. Former Illinois Senator Paul Douglas once said that the measure of the value of a gift should not exceed the value of the purchase price of a Christmans necktie received from your mother-in-law, and one that you will never wear.

    Attorney Egil “Bud” Krogh,of Watergate fame as the head of the “Plumbers” was conficted and senteced to jail. Nixon offered him a pardon, and he refused, feeling the urgency of his need to take personal responsibility for his actions. He served hard time. In his recent book “INTEGRITY: Good people, Bad Choices and Life Lessons from the White House” he states: The Integrity Zone is based on the ideas that every individual has an intrinsic integrity, an inner awareness of what is right and good, commonly called conscience. Living in the Integrity Zone begins with a clear understanding that this quality of integrity inheres in our true selfhood and can be accessed by a desire to be in good conscience.” (Page 205)