Book Review: Lawrence Friedman’s Guarding Life’s Dark Secrets

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2 Responses

  1. Dan,

    Thanks for the review. I picked up the last copy of the book from the BU Barnes & Noble; for those in the hub, another copy is at the Harvard Coop.

    Would Waddams’s Sexual Slander in Nineteenth-Century England: Defamation in the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1815–1855 be a good fit to this list? (I have to admit, I only read McLaren’s review of it). One curious fact from this book– I will look for it in Friedman– is that in the ecclesiastical courts, for sexual slander, truth was not needed as a defense. For those non-lawyers out there like myself, that meant that if a woman was accused of cavorting with so-and-so, she could sue for defamation without needing to prove that she wasn’t.

    This could be relevant today in figuring out how to adjudicate defamation complaints outside the legal system.

  2. Dan,

    Thanks again for the positive review. I enjoyed the book, and yes, the history part was exceedingly well-written, and accessible to the non-lawyer.