The Facebook-Fandango Connection: Invasion of Privacy?

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3 Responses

  1. 2L says:

    It’s not just Fandango, seems to be at least a few different retailers. I just bought a pair of moccasins on and the same thing happened to me. The fact that I’d bought the shoes, and a link to them, was on my main profile page. Now there’s a Zappos icon in my privacy settings. Facebook users will have to actively change the privacy setting for every online store where they shop that has this kind of relationship with Facebook each time they make a purchase, and don’t want the purchase broadcast on their profile. That doesn’t seem right…. even if I “should have” read the privacy policy.

  2. unc 2L says:

    It gets worse than that at facebook. Facebook gives you no chance to opt-out of sharing that information from 3rd party sites until after they have already received something and posted it.

    If you go to the external websites tab in your privacy settings on Facebook, you don’t see any websites listed unless they have already received some information from one.

    So the harm to your privacy is already done before you get a chance to stop it from happening.

  3. Yep, i just checked and i got dinged because i logged on to “Swap Anything.”

    I am not part of the age demographic that lives and dies by Facebook, and i find the public face of that demographic disheartenig to say the least, but I refuse to become a dinosaur. So i checked it out.

    But all the on line and software user agreements we all sign are 1) onerous 2) usually unintellible 3) without a doubt contracts of adhesion and 4) almost certainly incapable of standing up in court.

    But they are so ubiquitous and so seldom an issue that no one will do anything about it until, and unless there is a really big scandal. Ivolving blood. Mayhem.

    Or some DEEP pockets.

    Good luck, to those of you who would ask for decency, fairness, common sense. These are crrently out of vogue, as the meanspirited among the comments above show all to well.