Grow Some Hair on Your Chess

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1 Response

  1. Scott Caplan says:

    (1) Depends on what you mean by candidate. Yes, he’s declared his candidacy, but his goal isn’t to win the election. It’s for there to be an election.

    That said, he risks his and his family’s lives day in and day out for an idea. It’s a geeky form of bravery, but it’s more brave than it is geeky, I think.

    (2) The IOC already calls chess a sport (, it includes bridge as well). Chess was almost made an exhibition event a few years ago, but failed to make it because chessplayers protested at the drug testing (many think it’s because some of them like a certain performance-decreasing drug that a particular Canadian snowboarder is known to be a fan of as well).

    No comment on (3).