Amateur Security

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2 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    It’s interesting, the extent to which the panicked public response to the risk of terrorism mirrors that of the risk of man-made global warming. (Cass Sunstein wrote an interesting paper on the subject back in 2005, I believe.)

    Given the excessive responses on subjects — the terrrorism scares noted above, or Harry Reid’s blaming the California fires on global warming, for example — perhaps the American public will ultimately become a bit more nuanced in its approach towards risk management.

  2. Tim Zick says:

    Keeping us at “Code Orange” indefinitely hasn’t helped. If we are always to be mindful and afraid, then everything will naturally look suspicious. That is, unless one lives in NYC. I find the “see something, say something” ads ridiculous. There isn’t a single day I don’t see something strange, or out of what many would consider “the ordinary.” Scaring the public works very well — for politicians. I have to agree it doesn’t do much for security.