The Lives of Others

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5 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I just watched it last night. I have to agree… excellent movie.

  2. Robert Ahdieh says:

    Dan, if I’m remembering them correctly, wasn’t the notable thing about the interrogation scenes the irony that they were at once far less forceful/physical than the techniques the Bush Administration has authorized (and even more so the additional ones it would like), yet also far more effective?

  3. Orin Kerr says:


    Do you mean that the techniques were far more effective in the fictional world of the movies than they would be in real life?

  4. owl says:

    Indeed, a great film, and Ulrich Mühe is charming as the Stasi agent-turned good guy. It’s really too bad that this was his last film.

  5. tim zinnecker says:

    I watched this movie last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. It’s a bit long (2:20), but I’m not sure what I would have cut.