End Life Tenure for Supreme Court Justices?

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3 Responses

  1. Jason Steed says:

    Agreed. Though I would push for 12 years instead of 18. I would also limit senators to 12 years, and representatives to 10. (The president is already limited to 8.)

  2. KipEsquire says:

    “After 18 years, justices would move to senior status, retaining the perquisites of federal judges but no longer hearing cases except to fill in for vacancies.”

    Can someone point me to where the term “senior status” appears in Article III? My version of the Constitution seems to be missing a page or two.

  3. Jason Steed says:

    Does your version of the Constitution say something about having only nine Supreme Court Justices? Mine doesn’t…. So what would prevent having Justices in senior status?

    Personally, I wouldn’t implement the senior status — I would simply turn the judges loose after they served their time. But I can’t see why a senior status system would be disallowed by the Constitution.