Law Professor Blogger Census (2007 Version)

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20 Responses

  1. Thanks for the excellent survey. However, you left me, (St. John’s Law School and New York Law School),the Editor of Adjunct Law Prof Blog out and you also left out one of our Contributing Editors, Gail Richmon Levin (Nova Law School). However, you did include our other Contributing Editor, Eric Lustig. My posting about this can be found here

    Thank You.

  2. Mitchell,

    Unfortunately, my policy is to only list full-time faculty members. At GW, we have hundreds of adjunct professors; likewise at Georgetown and many other schools. Adjuncts change from semester to semester, so tracking them all down is too much for me to do.


  3. Tom Berg says:

    Dear Dan,

    Thank you for providing this very useful resource again. Susan Stabile has moved from St. John’s to St. Thomas-Minnesota. Elizabeth Schiltz at St. Thomas-M also is on the Mirror of Justice blog, so St. Thomas-Minnesota is among the schools with 5 faculty bloggers.

    Thanks very much.

    Tom Berg

  4. anon says:

    what about the harvard corporate governance blog?

  5. sue says:

    How absolutely wonderful! I read several of the law bloggers without knowing they are into the law in one way or another!! But, they are all, atleaset the ones I read, intelligent, reasonable and moderate. Just another judgment valuation on my outlook. Thank you!

  6. Ken Bamberger says:

    Dan – many thanks for this interesting compilation. Berkeley-Boalt Hall’s Jonathan Simon deserves inclusion as well for the “Berkeley Jurisprude” Blog, found at

  7. Dave Hoffman says:

    Jon Hanson (HLS) is blogging at the Situationalist, as is Mike McCann (Ole Miss.)

  8. Missed me (NYLS)! I’ve been blogging since 2000. Can anyone else in the census top that?

    Also, Arthur Leonard (also NYLS) is male.

  9. Thanks James. I edited the census to add you and correct the error for Leonard. Since you are a new law professor, you count as a new law professor blogger.

    At this point, this year’s census is final. The notice and comment period is closed, and omissions will be added to next year’s census.

  10. Melissa Waters says:

    In the list of Top 25 Schools with bloggers, Washington & Lee is erroneously listed as having zero bloggers. In fact, W&L has one permablogger, currently blogging on CoOp itself … :-)


  11. Melissa — Whoops! It’s now fixed.

  12. Me! Me! I’m new to George Mason and post at on campaign finance and ethics issues.

  13. Howard Wasserman says:

    I have been blogging at Sports Law Blog since last winter.

  14. Patricia Salkin says:

    Please add a new blog – first at Albany Law School – on land use law.

    The blog is a week old!

    Patty Salkin

  15. Dave Levine says:

    While I use my blog (I’m a new prof at Charlotte School of Law and Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society) largely to allow access to and supplement my radio show/podcast, Hearsay Culture, I also blog there in the more traditional sense. Thanks for creating this list.

  16. Paul Stephan says:

    Did you look at the International Economic Law Blog?

  17. How interesting! Great to see all this information aggregated in one place. Thanks for posting.

  18. Excellent survey; thanks, Dan!

    The Constitutional Law Prof Blog ( came online in the beginning of October (First Monday) 2008. Editors: Steven D. Schwinn, John Marshall; Ruthann Robson, CUNY; Nareissa L. Smith, Florida Coastal.

  19. The link to the N-Z part of the list isn’t working.

  20. The link to the N-Z schools is missing.