Law Professor Blogger Census Chart 2007: N-Z

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7 Responses

  1. JPS says:

    Father Drinan has passed away, and Left2Right hasnt had a post in over a year.

  2. At Feminist Law Profs, we’ve had some regular bloggers who aren’t on CO’s list yet: Darren Rosenblum (Pace), Ralph Stein (Pace), Anthony C. Infanti (Pitt), David S. Cohen (Drexel). Thanks.

  3. Mary Dudziak says:

    Thanks for doing this. Small correction, since you note new blogs — I should have mentioned this earlier — the Legal History Blog is a new blog (late Nov. 06).

  4. creditproof me says:

    Melissa Jacoby no longer blogs at Credit Slips.

  5. Art Leonard says:

    Thanks for listing me; no thanks for listing me as female! Despite the increasing number of posts on my blog about transgender law, I am not personally involved in gender transitioning, was born male, and still am!

    Also, my faculty colleague Beth Noveck is also a very busy blogger, but somehow hasn’t turned up on this census. She blogs heavily on cyberlaw, and helped to develop the new project by which the scientific community is being invited to participate in vetting new patent and trademark applications through a special dedicated wiki.

  6. Art — I don’t quite understand your comment. Beth is listed on the census, and your gender error was fixed a day ago.

  7. Matt says:

    John Oberdiek at Rutgers-Camden is an occasional contributor to the philosophy (mostly) blog PEA SOUP. William Edmundson from Georgia State is a semi-regular contributor to Brian Leiter’s blog.