Law School Faculty Lateral Moves, Final 2007 Edition

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23 Responses

  1. Dan Markel says:

    Might I confess an oops, Dan? I remembered your post from last year, but did not see your Jan 9 post this year for some reason, and so when Larry sent out his email about the entry level hiring, I decided to summarize the moves from Leiter’s list in addition to those that I knew about. Sorry for the confusion. As always, Co-Op’s got the prettier look to it!

  2. Keith Rowley says:

    Here’s an addition:


    Nancy Rapoport from Houston.

  3. Rick Garnett says:

    Here’s an addition: Eric Claeys (SLU) to George Mason.

  4. Dan Markel says:

    Alex Long from Oklahoma City to U. Tennessee

  5. Geoff says:

    Phil Closius from Toledo to Baltimore (as dean).

  6. Peter A. Alces says:

    Vivian Hamilton from West Virginia to William & Mary.

  7. Eric Gouvin says:

    Taylor Flynn from Northeastern to Western New England

  8. Nancy Levit says:

    June Carbone from Santa Clara to the University of Missouri-Kansas City;

    Bill Black from Santa Clara to the University of Missouri-Kansas City

  9. Howard Wasserman says:

    Florida International University:

    Joelle Moreno from New England School of Law

  10. Brad Karkkainen says:

    Two additions:

    Gregory Shaffer from Wisconsin and Loyola (Chicago) to Minnesota

    Michele Goodwin from DePaul to Minnesota

  11. Meredith R. Miller says:

    Touro Law:

    Deseriee Kennedy from University of Tennessee

    Shayna Sigman from University of Minnesota

  12. Peter Lindseth says:

    Hillary Greene, from Utah to Connecticut

  13. Jim Rossi says:

    Florida State University College of Law:

    Dino Falaschetti (, from the Montana State University economics department

  14. Darby Dickerson says:

    Here’s an addition:

    Candace Zierdt from North Dakota to Stetson

  15. Student in the know says:

    Two Cardozo hires: Michelle Adams from Seton Hall; Tony Sebok from Brooklyn.

  16. Mary Crossley says:

    David Harris from Toledo to Pittsburgh.

  17. Heidi Kitrosser says:

    Two more Minnesota hires: Susanna Blumenthal from U. of Michigan and Laura Beny from U. of Michigan.

  18. Avery Katz says:

    Nate Persily from Penn to Columbia.

  19. Keith Rowley says:

    John Valery White from LSU to UNLV as dean.

  20. Rob Vischer says:

    Michael Stokes Paulsen from Minnesota to St. Thomas (MN).

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  22. Here are 2 additions: Miranda Perry Fleischer and Victor Fleischer (from Colorado) to the University of Illinois.