“Judges Behaving Badly” in Clerkship Hiring

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5 Responses

  1. Scott Moss says:

    These sorts of antics by judges confirm my view that judges have no basis for belittling lawyers involved in discovery disputes, which many judges do on a regular basis.

  2. Melissa – your father is a wise man

  3. Brian says:

    Speaking of clerkships and antics, here’s a link to a news story on a recent novel, CHAMBERMAID, by Saira Rao, that depicts — perhaps unfairly — a nightmare clerkship on the Third Circuit:


    Rao’s myspace page:


    Rao’s website


  4. Xanthippas says:

    Melissa – your father is a wise man

    I second that. Your father was a wise man for realizing that since the job wasn’t rocket science, maybe he could give other kids a chance at it besides some pampered elites from big-name law schools. I only wish more judges felt that way, so you weren’t doomed to long odds in getting a clerkship by which school you end up attending.

  5. David S. Cohen says:

    The federal judge I clerked for knew it was a job most intelligent law students could do, so he was much more concerned with whether he would get along with the person for a year rather than stressing over whether he was picking the One Perfect Clerk.