The CIA “Family Jewels” Documents

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2 Responses

  1. Brannon Denning says:


    I’m surprised that you’re surprised that the Kennedy Administration was spying on journalists. The Kennedy Administration’s record on civil liberties wasn’t great. It tolerated–encouraged, even–Hoover’s antics, like his attempts to intimidate Martin Luther King, Jr., in part because they knew Hoover had plenty of leverage on them. As far as what future documents might reveal, I wouldn’t be surprised to find less of what went on in the days before investigative journalism.

  2. Brannon — I’m not surprised at all. To my knowledge, between FDR and the 1970s, every presidential administration authorized illicit wiretapping. We have great information about presidential administrations pre-1974 because of the Church Committee Report, but we don’t have great data yet since a project such as the Church Committee Report hasn’t been undertaken again.

    My point, which I was trying to make somewhat suggestively (but perhaps not spelled out clearly enough) was that the Kennedy Administration, an administration not very aggressively interested in surveillance, engaged in illicit surveillance and wiretapping. So one can only imagine what an administration that is aggressively interested in surveillance is doing.