Google’s Street View and Privacy

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3 Responses

  1. Mapper says:

    This is starting to get interesting. Take a look at this huge list of “interesting” finds via Google Street View:


  2. r says:

    Google is so 20th century…here is the real 21st century.

    3 years from now…..

    Everyone will be walking down the street with their miniature, Bluetooth camera lens embedded in their clothing (front and rear), which streams everything it/you see to your WiFi cell phone.

    Your WiFi cell phone will store everything on its 1 terabyte hard drive while at the same time streaming this video you see via WiFi to a “tracker network”. The tracker network is a social group of similar people ( by geographical area,interest..etc),numbering from 2 or 3 to tens of thousands in size. All of these tracker networks will include retail facial recognition software that will be 10 times more powerful than anything currently available.

    The TrackerNetwork facial software works by taking every face that is inputted into its database and giving it a unique number.

    Then the face is identified in two ways.

    1. The TrackerNetwork facial software has so many thousands of “hits” on any face over a period of day/weeks it identifies where this person starts his/her day, works, shops etc. It does this all automatically without knowing who the person is.

    2. People who belong to the TrackerNetwork input faces and identify them by name.

    With the above two, anyone belonging to the TrackerNetwork can track just about anyone by belonging to a network from that city. Just input the name ( or unique ID the TrackerNetwork software assigns to an individual) and the software will either allow you to watch them live or can show you history from as far back as recorded on that individual.

    The upside:

    Modern Neighbor Hood Watch: Hit and run? captured on numerous cell phones, instantly uploaded to a tracker network and within seconds the car and driver are identified and sent to the police.

    You are walking down the street, a drug addict asks you for money and when you refuse, he starts to get violent. Picked up by someone watching from a store, driving by in a car and from the person waiting for the bus ½ a block away. Instantly sent to a tracker network.

    The downside:

    Anyone can track anyone all the time! You can track: politicians, celebrities, neighbors, spouse……etc.

  3. JMS says:

    Here’s a quick discussion from AP on the privacy stuff: