The Thin Line Between Pirate and Repo Man, Arrrg Matey!

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5 Responses

  1. Miriam Cherry says:

    Yet another great post; yes, I may be starting a fan club.

    Arrrrh, matey!

  2. Miriam Cherry says:

    I just like saying Arrrh, matey. I did not even realize that it was already in the title.

    A bit abashed,

    Miriam (further entrenched as a member of the fan club…)

  3. Seth R. says:

    I had a potential client call me up a bit spooked.

    He said he had been working on getting caught up on his car payments when suddenly he starts getting demands from the repo guys. He says he’s a month behind because of a stint in the hospital last month and they start shouting at him and threatening repossession.

    The next evening he’s out in his front yard when a couple of burly guys drive by glaring at him. They get out and start flashing him gang signs and saying “we’re gonna take that truck man.” “Your dog don’t scare me! I’ll F-ing blow its head off!” “You better watch your kids @#$%!”

    An extreme example, but it is often like this in the repo business. They sort of count on most folks being too intimidated or too unsophisticated to sue. Usually, they’re right.

  4. Mike Madison says:

    It’s not just the law of the sea (or the lack thereof) that complicates satisfying judgments and repossessing collateral; it’s also the law of the air. One of my former colleagues in practice liked to tell the story of chasing down an airplane (on the ground, fortunately) in order to seize it for a client. First, of course, he had to clear a fair amount of FAA red tape.

    The post also gives me an excuse to excavate this gem of jurisprudential wisdom, which Seth R.’s thugs obviously have forgotten:

    “I shall not cause harm to any vehicle nor the personal contents thereof, nor through inaction let that vehicle or the personal contents thereof come to harm. It’s what I call the repo code, kid. Don’t forget it — etch it in your brain. Not many people got a code to live by anymore.”

    –from Repo Man (Anchor Bay Entertainment 1984)

  5. The witch doctor marked the field with gray powder, a clear warning to believers in voodoo, the nation’s dominant religion. No call ever went out.