Poetry Inspired Thoughts on Place, Academia, and the Spirit of the Law

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3 Responses

  1. Rick Garnett says:

    Great post, Nate. On the one hand, there’s the “rootedness” that Berry celebrates and that is, no question, a good (even, perhaps, a near-necessary condition for real human happiness). On the other, there’s mobility, globalization, competition, and options. A great book about this tension, for what it’s worth, is “The Lost City,” by Alan Ehrenhalt (about Chicago).

  2. Frank says:

    I think Berry’s reflections on the local, and community, are very inspiring. I found the distinction between “settlers and colonizers” in The Unsettling of America quite compelling: the former try to build up a place, while the latter take all they can from it, in hope of leveraging that plunder into a better life elsewhere.

    The only defense of the meat mkt I can offer is that it diversifies the group of (potential) settlers at law schools. Ideally, the law professor finds some way of enriching the community he or she is situated in. And the kaleidoscopic, centrifugal force of AALS gets people to places they’d perhaps never even considered living in. I had never heard of the city I live in now b4 that process.