Law Librarian Hotties? Lat’s Really Back

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2 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    loud *ha*!!

    oh, goodness … i know what you’re trying to say, and would generally agree with you, but would never say that out loud!! perhaps i’m reading too much into it, but did you just acknowledge a beauty contest for the plain?

    please excuse the casualness: but typically your writing is so personable and enjoyable to read. your last sentence, however … maybe someone nominated/named would feel self-conscious about their appearance after having read it?

  2. Dan Filler says:

    Lynn, “plain” is not at all the word I’d use! I’d call it a contest for the intriguing and alluring! Look at some of those photos. Not to demean the sometimes remarkable contestants in the major contests (one of whom is a former student, and soon to be a superb lawyer), but I found Lat’s array to be lot more compelling than a Miss America episode.