Google advertises for the slave trade (Really!)

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2 Responses

  1. cld says:

    I am not a lawyer and have never been to law school but I have a question. Could anyone actually bring a suit against Google for this ad? Could this ad be considered a promotion of Slavery or would a court just view this as an honest and ignorant mistake?

  2. Joske Vermeulen says:

    Please don’t be an alarmist idiot. This sort of advertising sites buy up all cheap adwords (read: uncommon search terms) and then display ads on those pages. Nobody is having a racist motive here and I’m sure that if you would notify Google about this specific term (which you should have done instead of crying wolf here) they’d add ‘slave ship’ to their list of banned words. What do you expect, that Google manually screens *all* search terms that are being used by their advertisers? Or that they lock 100 people into a room for 100 days and they cannot come out until they have *the* *definitive* list of *all* search words that anyone, anywhere in the world in any language might label offensive?