The (really weird) commodification of the female breast continues

This via Boing Boing:

The ultimate Bay Area Craigslist post: free Berkeley room for nursing mom who’ll share her breast-milk with seven people who’ve read a paper about the nutritional benefits thereof. They are all vegans. And they don’t want to take breast milk away from an actual baby.

We are offering a free room for a woman who is willing to provide breast milk for consumption to the household. We are an otherwise vegan house but have recently read A.O. Wilson’s study of the benefits of human breast milk to all human beings of any age. This is not sexual.

Um, yeah. I’m all for empowering nursing mothers (i.e., removing outdated laws or regulations that impair nursing in public). But this room-with-a-boob ad (which seems to have been later removed from Craigslist) certainly gives off weird vibes. I guess that as a society, we prefer that our commodified breasts either a little more discreet, or a whole lot more sexualized.

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1 Response

  1. Matt says:

    Just out of curiosity, could one woman possibly make enough milk to give 7 adults enough milk to give them any serious health benefits? It sounds doubtful to me (even assuming the health benefits for adults claim is true) but then again I’m not an expert on human milk productions. (And any idea why this is more okay for vegan than getting milk from a nicely taken care of cow? Most such people I know are not so great on the logic of their arguments but I still wonder.)