Melissa Waters Joins Concurring Opinions

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7 Responses

  1. Dan Markel says:

    Congratulations on having such a wonderful and insightful voice join your crew. Welcome to the bloviations, i mean, the blogversation, Melissa!

  2. Dan Markel says:

    Congratulatons on adding such a wonderful and insightful new voice to your crew. Welcome to the blawgo’ Melissa!

  3. Dan Markel says:

    Oops. It didn’t look like my first comment registered initially. As you can see, I’m quite enthusiastic…

  4. Simon says:

    Welcome back, Melissa!

  5. Kaimi says:

    Welcome aboard, Melissa — we’re very happy to have you here.

  6. Laura says:

    Melissa, great to see you permanently on board! Your wise and witty voice is an excellent addition…

  7. Justice M. Mbuh says:

    Melisa, your articles draw a chill from my body! It would be an escapist view if one denies that your contributions in education many around the world about International Law are enormous. Keep it up and be blessed.JMM, Bamenda, “Cameroon”