Workshop Opportunities

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3 Responses

  1. Kaimi says:

    I am co-chair (along with current Co-Op guest blogger Deven Desai) of Thomas Jefferson’s scholarship committee, and we operate one such works-in-progress workshopping series.

    We’ve had some interesting people from other schools who have presented works in progress, and are actively seeking new people. There is no topical restriction in the TJSL workshop series. If you have a work in progress you would like to workshop at TJSL, feel free to e-mail Deven or myself and we will be happy to discuss it.

    Note that all the usual caveats and limitations apply: This is a general announcement and not a specific offer for workshopping of any particular piece; questions on whether we can fit you and your article will depend on the usual factors of scheduling (“is this person available only on a date that’s already booked?”), faculty interest (“does this person write on a topic that faculty wants to hear about, or will it be three people in the room?”), travel, and so forth. Direct questions, comments, inquiries, to Deven or myself. Thank you.

  2. I (Jason Czarnezki) am Chair of the Academic Programs Committee at Marquette University Law School, which runs a works-in-progress workshop series.

  3. At Stetson we have a Speaker Exchange Program with several law schools that allow faculty exchanges for Works-In-Progress.