Voting Rules for Best Picture nominations

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5 Responses

  1. Matt Bodie says:

    I’d need more data before calling this an allocation-of-preferences failure; perhaps it’s instead a prediction-market failure. Most critics have been lukewarm on the movie, other than Jennifer Hudson’s and Eddie Murphy’s performances. Perhaps the voters liked aspects of the movie but really didn’t think it deserved a best pic nomination. I’ve seen the “waste-my-vote” argument in the past, but I’ve never seen it knock out an actual favorite.

  2. Actually, this reminds me of the recent voting for the baseball hall of fame. I did a lot of growing up just outside Baltimore, so the only shocker in the voting was that five ballots did not include his name. One voter’s public explanation was exactly what you’re talking about. “Of course Cal would get in, so I don’t have to vote for him.”

  3. “But it’s a bit depressing that our voting regimes for public officials aren’t much better.”

    Hey, I’m not happy with the new Pelosi-Reid tandem either but I think it’s unseemly for people like us to blame “our voting regimes”.

  4. Laura says:

    Michael, I’m happy to see that you’re using your legal & intellectual firepower to address the inner workings of Academy Awards voting system. If only more law profs did this, we might eventually be quoted in the most important of publications–U.S. Weekly! Or even, dare I dream, People?