Judges appointing prosecutors

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4 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    It looks like the bill is S. 214, but Thomas doesn’t have the text yet.

  2. Can you spell out a little more why you think it’s bad for prosecutors to “make nice to judges?” It seems plausible that there’d be some undermining of someone’s professional obligations, but I’m not coming up with the specifics.

  3. Michael Abramowicz says:


    An extreme example would be in cases in which a disciplinary complaint against a judge might be appropriate. Lawyers may already be too cowed in this area.

    More important, of course, are day-to-day interactions. Sometimes, lawyers probably should be annoying judges — for example, by making sure that objections are preserved, and, most importantly, by arguing vigorously on appeal when judges make mistakes. This is especially complicated with federal prosecutors — who generally must obtain Justice Department permission to file appeals (e.g., of sentencing decisions) and probably have more discretion to let judicial errors slide (even when jeopardy hasn’t attached).

  4. lew dematthews says:

    If a judge just now recuses himself/herself after overseeing the case for a year can I get a full explanation?

    Thank you,

    Lew DeMatthews briellelewisdoggidog@msn.com