In Praise of Nominalism or Why I Will Confuse My Students Without Guilt Tomorrow

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2 Responses

  1. Susan Staker says:

    Don’t know much about law. But I agree that theory, extrapolation, needs a healthy dose of the specifics. Muck around in that until the details begin to stick in patterns of recurrence, revisiting (memory). That’s when thinking begins. Maybe cases are just stories. . . . .

  2. Anonymous Law Student says:

    How did Lucy v. Zehmer go over? I remember that case fondly from my 1L year, which was only last year. My contracts professor asked us, “What is a contract?” And then stared at us in stony silence. Finally some brave soul offered, “An agreement?” And that silly professor, naturally, socratically even, replied, “And what is an agreement?”

    Starting off really can be rough going. I bet Lucy went over better than our discussion did.