Abusive Secrecy

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3 Responses

  1. I agree somewhat..for instance, wouldn’t we all love to know exactly what Sandy Berger took out of the Archives. I know people are trying to get the info but President Clinton has so far refused to declassify (which I understand is his prerogative for aawhile after leaving office). Still, I’ll be more impressed with this whole meme when the press starts naming sources so we can assess their reliability…’till then, the idea that our present system somehow hinders the NY Times from their sacred duty to malign all things conservative just isn’t registering here…

  2. John Armstrong says:

    The authors acknowledge that readers will have to review each of the citations “to make much sense of [the] Op-Ed article.” Needless to say, such a cumbersome read is far less likely to be effective, let alone to get read, than would a single, unredacted piece.

    The internet being what it is, I predict that within a day or so someone will have tracked down the sources, made a rough estimate of the original content of the redacted sections, put those summaries inline into the redacted text, and posted it online. Will there be a follow-up post with a link when you see it?

  3. steveH says:

    Our country isn’t founded upon self-government–which would be pur democracy–but representative democracy, in which the people choose other people to act as independent proxies in the voting process. It is naive for the average citizen to posit such an opinion, but it is disingenuous for an educated, scholarly chick to do the same. That is mistake #1.

    Mistake #2: the omnipotent ability to declare what is of national security importance and what is not. There are almost 200 recognized countries on this globe, populated by peoples who speak thousands of languages. Ethnicity and cultural differences not withstanding, can you trump the collective knowledge that is our intelligence networks? I mean, sure, there is plentiful CYA action, but can you ( or “we”) dictate what should be revealed to the public?