Was Johnny Cash a Law Professor?

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5 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    re the Car of Neurath: You might be interested in Justin Hughes’ work on “Microworks” in copyright. IP owners want copyright not just in works, but in fragments of works. (Or, more precisely, they want to characterize microworks as derivative works entitled to the same amount of copyright protection as the main work).

    As for the Boy Named Sue: perhaps a “wrongful naming” cause of action?

  2. Chad Oldfather says:

    And then there’s the conundrum of ending up in Folsom – a California state prison, if I’m not mistaken – for shooting a man in Reno …

  3. Bruce Boyden says:

    Is it grand theft auto if you take it one piece at a time?

    Sounds like the criminal law version of Theseus’s ship.

  4. Cash Disciple says:

    In “Long Black Veil” our protagonist goes to the gallows rather than answer the judge’s request for an alibi at his murder trial (he had been in the arms of his best friend’s wife, of course).

    If only he had appealed the violation of his Fifth Amendment rights…

  5. erasmus says:

    …and there’s “i hung my head.” a man accidentally shoots a lone rider, and then is eventually hung. there’s an iteresting play on words that causes one to wonder whether punishment such as hanging was a proper end for the killer, despite the accident.