Number four lawsuit target in all of Kazakhstan; or, Kazakhs Gone Wild

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  1. Very nice! says:

    While viewing the film, it seemed to me like they were playing up their stupidity for the camera. For instance, they repeatedly referred to Borat as Russian. I doubt the producers told them Borat was Russian. Calling a Kazakhstanian a Russian, for ironic comic effect, requires a basic understanding of geography and world history. Upon hearing that they knew they’d be placed in an RV that would pick up a hitchhiker, they had to know their role was to play hicks.

    They just didn’t realize how big of a role they were playing. This is a shameful attempt to renegotiate the consideration of their contracts, and the courts should toss it out because courts don’t get into adequacy of consideration issues. Either there is consideration or their ain’t. They know full well the alcohol was part of the consideration, and if they drank it before they signed the waivers, then the contract existed prior to the waivers being signed. Thankfully, the modification was in writing.

    Dismissed with prejudice.