One Year and Counting . . .

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6 Responses

  1. LM says:

    ¡feliz cumpleaños! your readers and commenters thank you, too. :)

  2. Dan Markel says:

    Congrats on a wonderful achievement for a wonderful blog.

  3. Dave Hoffman says:

    I’m happy to report that at last count, all of the nine have just checked in. If we get one more vote, we’ll know that a certain Arizona retiree has too much time on her hands.

  4. dumb question says:

    This may sound dumb, but was your mention of Supreme Court Justices completely tongue-in-cheek, or is there some indication that you do have readers at SCOTUS?

  5. the supremes? says:

    you may have a problem if the number of Supremes in your online poll exceeds nine. :)

  6. Congratulations! Hope you all have a cupcake to celebrate!