Law Professor Blogger Census (Version 5.0)

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10 Responses

  1. Thom Brooks says:

    A pity that non-US law schools were not included.

  2. John Steele says:

    Does your chart have Andy Perlman, of Suffolk, and David McGowan, of San Diego, both at Legal Ethics Forum?

  3. PSU says:

    I also noticed that, although you’ve mentioned Professor Stephanie Farrior of Penn State-Dickinson, a few other Penn Staters have been left out, namely: Professors Eileen Kane and Richard Storrow (both of Feminist Law Profs Blog), and Professor Larry Cata Backer, with his own blog at

  4. I may have missed the references to UC Davis but we have a number of bloggers.

    Kevin Johnson Immigrationprof

    Bill Hing Immigrationprof

    Jennifer Chacon Immigrationprof

    Anupam Chander

    Jack Ayer

  5. Peter Henning says:

    Professor Linda Beale moved from Illinois to Wayne State this year (her blog is “A Taxing Matter”).

  6. Matthew L.M. Fletcher says:

    There’s three at

  7. Buce says:

    Kevin Johnson (supra) is correct that I have a blog. It doesn’t have much to do with law but I like to think of it as the primo blog of attention surplus disorder.

    Find it at:

    I operate under the nom de blog of “Buce,” but I don’t really make any secret of my identiy–just cuts down the cruder junk mail.

    –Jack Ayer

    UC Davis

  8. Yotam Shor says:

    Check out the blog of the faculty of Haifa U Law School, in Israel. Some of it is in Hebrew, some in English. It has 9 active faculty participants and numerous students replying (I’m one). Its a very active sight.

  9. Thaddeus Hoffmeister says:

    You left of my blog at and Professor Susan Brenner at