It was a dark and stormy night

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2 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Well, that didn’t stop Gertrude Stein from winning a place in the hearts and minds of generations of English professors!

    “Pigeons on the grass, alas, alas….”

  2. Deven Desai says:

    The whole thing might have worked better as a game of exquisite corpse. The game entails collaborators creating a work but each collaborator can only see what the immediately previous author contributed. The name of the game is claimed to come from one of the first Surrealist pieces created using the game “Le cadavre / exquis / boira / le vin / nouveau” Roughly: “The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.”

    The method would attack the central role of authorship in IP and draw out questions regarding derivative works. Hmm perhaps a business method patent is in order for exquisite corpse creation.