Racial Politics and Eminent Domain in Brooklyn

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5 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    There is a fantastic discussion of race and redistricting in the last half of this show:


    An advocate of minority-majority districts at the end of the show addresses claims by many critics of such districts that they ultimately harm the interests of minorities (largely represented by the Democratic party) because they channel so many of these Democratic voters into ‘safe’ districts that other districts that could be competitive fall into Republican hands.

    Just to be clear: I’m not taking a stand either way, and don’t claim that maximizing Dem seats is the best way to advance minority interests. I just think it is a troubling paradox of VRA advances; as the number of minority representatives may increase, their power might wane.

  2. KipEsquire says:

    “But [Yassky] moved into the district solely to run for the open seat, which obviously opened him up for claims of illegitimacy.”

    Not at all like, say, Hillary Clinton.

  3. mrshl says:


    Perhaps, it’s EXACTLY like Hillary. But the other part of the story is whether such claims are successful. Plenty of people may plausibly suggest Hillary is an “illegitimate” candidate. Voters are free to reject or endorse those claims.

  4. shamu says:

    nb-hillary moved to westchester and represents the entire state of new york. yassky moved to a majority black district and wanted to represenbt that district. not really the same. neither one is illegitimate, either, just a better or worse candidate.

    given that both clark and yassky have similar positions on the atlantic yards, i doubt that made a difference. that is to say, this was about race and class. unfortunately, it was also about a candidate who lied about her credentials, which, one would have thought, would have made a difference.

  5. Simon says:

    Some of the rhetoric in this race was genuinely shocking – the idea that there should be districts “reserved” for representatives of a certain color, and the poisonous idea that one is ill-represented if one is represented by someone of another color.