Lateral Moves by Law School Faculty 2006

Here, at last, is the final edition of the 2006 law school faculty lateral moves list. I apologize for any remaining errors. Follow the jump for all the gory details.


Marc Miller from Emory (Crim Law)

Carol Rose (Environmental Law) from Yale

Arizona State

Marjorie Kornhauser (Tax Law) from Tulane


Gillian Lester (Employment Law) from UCLA

Eric Talley (Corporations, Law and Economics) from Southern California

Paul Schwartz (Information, Privacy, IP) from Brooklyn.

California – Davis

Lisa Ikemoto (Health Law, Property, Family Law) from Loyola L.A.

California – Hastings

Nell Jessup Newton from Connecticut. Will become dean.


Melissa Essary from Baylor. Will become dean.

Case Western Reserve

Gary Simpson from Cornell. Will become dean.


Suzette Malveaux (Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, Employment Law) from Alabama

Elizabeth Winston (IP) from Whittier


Anup Malani (Health Law, Corporate) from Virginia

Chicago-Kent (llinois Institute of Technology)

Felice Batlan (Business Organizations, Securities) from Tulane


Barbara Black (Securities) from Pace


Victor Fleischer (Deals, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Innovation Policy) from UCLA


Robert Scott (Contracts, Commercial Law) from Virginia

Elizabeth Scott (Family Law, Juvenile Justice, Property) from Virginia

Philip Hamburger (Legal History) from Chicago


Bethany Berger (Civil Procedure, Indian Law) from Wayne State

Richard Michael Fischl (Labor, Critical Legal Studies) from Miami


Eduardo Penalver (Property, Law and Religion) from Fordham


Michelle Anderson from Villanova. Will become dean.


Beto Juarez from St. Mary’s. Will become dean.

Drexel University Law (opening Fall 2006)

Dan Filler (Criminal Law) from Alabama

Jennifer Rosato (Family Law, Children’s Rights, Civil Procedure) from Brooklyn Law

Barry Furrow (Health Law, Torts) from Widener. Will direct health law program.

Terry Jean Seligman (Legal Research and Writing) from Arkansas. Will direct legal writing program.

Chris Simoni from Northwestern. Will become library director.


Mitu Gulati (Renaissance Man) from Georgetown


David Partlett from Washington & Lee. Will become dean.


Yariv Brauner (International and Business Tax) from Arizona State

Florida State

Robin Craig (Environmental Law, Water Law) from Indiana – Indianapolis


Grainne de Burca (European Union Law) from the European University Institute in Florence

Sean Griffith (Corporate Law) from Connecticut

George Mason

Harry Hutchison (Labor Law, Corporations) from Wayne State


Randy Barnett from Boston University (Con Law, Contracts)


Julian Cook (Crim Law) from Michigan State

David Brennan (Tax) from Mercer

Golden Gate

Rachael A. Van Cleave (Criminal Law, Gender and the Law, Property) from Texas Tech


Mark Tushnet (Con Law, Legal History, CLS) from Georgetown

Adrian Vermeule (Con Law, Legislation, Statutory Interp) from Chicago

Gerald Neuman (Immigration law, International Human Rights, Comparative Law, Constitutional law) from Columbia

Bruce Mann (Legal History) from Penn

George Triantis (Corporate, Law and Econ) from Virginia.


Christine Hurt (Corporate Law) from Marquette

Amitai Aviram (Antitrust, Business Associations, Law and Economics) from Florida State

Robert Lawless (Corporate, Bankruptcy), from UNLV

Andrew Morriss (Corporate Law, Law & Economics) from Case Western Reserve

Indiana – Bloomington

Donna Nagy (Securities) from Cincinnati


Angela Onwuachi-Willig (Family Law, Evidence, Critical Race Theory) from UC-Davis


Gail Agrawal from North Carolina. Will become dean.

Lewis & Clark

John Parry from Pittsburgh (Con Law, Civil Rights, Crim Law)

Loyola – Chicago

Gregory Shaffer from Wisconsin. Taking Wing Tat- Lee Chair in International Law

Steve Ramirez (Corporate Law, Law and Economics, Race and Law) from Washburn

Loyola – LA

Michael Waterstone (Civil Procedure, Disability Law, Civil RIghts) from Univ. of Mississippi


Chad Oldfather (Procedure, Evidence, and Judicial Process) from Oklahoma City

McGeorge/ University of the Pacific

Miriam Cherry (Business Associations, Law and Popular Culture) from Samford University/Cumberland

Sabine Schlemmer-Schulte (Business Associations, Commercial Law, International Law) from University of Leiden/Max-Planck-Institute for International Law Heidelberg


Douglas Laycock from Texas

Margaret Jane Radin (IP, Cyberlaw,Property Theory, Contracts) from Stanford

Jessica Litman (IP) from Wayne State

Michigan State

Matthew L.M. Fletcher from North Dakota.

Wenona Singel from North Dakota


Alexandra Klass (Environmental Law, Property) from William Mitchell College of Law

Heidi Kitrosser (Con Law) from Brooklyn Law School

Claire A. Hill (Business Organizations, Behavioral L&E) from Chicago-Kent

Thomas Cotter (IP) from Washington & Lee

Francesco Parisi (comparative law, international law, European Union law, law and economics) from George Mason

Chantal Thomas (International Law) from Fordham

North Carolina Central

Wendy Scott (Constitutional Law, Race and the Law) from Tulane

Northern Kentucky

Dennis Honabach from Washburn. Will become dean.


Nancy Staudt (Tax) from Washington University in St. Louis

Lee Epstein (Poli Sci and Law, Empirical Research) from Washington University in St. Louis

Funmi Arewa (IP, Law and Technology) from Case

Albert Alschuler (Criminal) from Chicago

Daniel Fischel (Corporations) from Chicago

Notre Dame

Margaret Brinig (Family Law, Law and Econ) from Iowa

Ed Edmonds from St. Thomas. Will serve as library director and professor of law.


Cynthia Estlund (Employment, Labor Law) from Columbia

Roderick Hills (Con Law, Local Government law, Education Law) from Michigan

Robert Sitkoff (Trusts and Estates) from Northwestern

Jeremy Waldron from Columbia


Hari Osofsky (International Environmental Law) from Whittier


Stephanos Bibas (Criminal Law) from Iowa.

Penn State Dickinson

Kit Kinports (Crim Law, Constitutional Litigation) from Illinois

Stephen Ross (Antitrust, Statutory Interpretation) from Illinois

Marie Reilly (Bankruptcy, Contracts, Commercial Law) from South Carolina

John Lopatka (Antitrust, Torts) from South Carolina

Ellen Dannin (Labor, Employment Law) from Wayne State

Jeff Kahn (Tax) from Santa Clara


Peter Oh (Business Organizations, Securities, L&E) from William Mitchell


Christopher A. Cotropia (IP, Property) from Tulane

Santa Clara

Eric Goldman (IP, Cyberlaw, Contracts) from Marquette. Will serve as Director of High Tech Law Center.

Seattle University

Rafael Pardo (Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Contracts) from Tulane

South Carolina

Susan Kuo (Criminal Law, Section 1983) from Northern Illinois.

Jack Pratt from Notre Dame will become dean.

Southern California

Daria Roithmayr (Critical Race Theory) from Illinois

Southern Illinois

Paul McGreal (Con Law, Antitrust, Property, Corporate Compliance) from South Texas

Southern Methodist

Shubha Ghosh (IP, Business Associations, L&E) from University of Buffalo


Janine Kim (Crim Law) from Whittier


Juliet Brodie (Clinic) from Wisconsin.

Jane Schachter (Legislation)

Alan Sykes (International Trade, L&E) from Chicago

Joshua Cohen (Philosophy) from MIT

Stetson University

Ellen Podgor from Georgia State. (Crim Law) She will be Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Distance Education.

Tim Kaye (Jurisprudence, Tort Law) from University of Birmingham

Carol Henderson (Criminal Law, Evidence) from Nova Southeastern

Rebecca Trammell from Kentucky. Will become library director.


Peter Spiro (International law, Foreign Affairs Law, Immigration Law) from Georgia


Daniel Rodriguez (Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Political Theory) from San Diego

William Sage (Health Law) from Columbia

Texas Tech

Arnold Loewy (Crim Law, Con Law) from North Carolina

Gary Beyer (Wills, Trusts and Estates) from St. Mary’s

Thomas Jefferson

Olujoke Akindemowo (Comparative Law, Commercial Law, IP) from Monash University

University of Auckland Faculty of Law

Kevin Jon Heller (Criminal Law, Evidence) from Georgia


Hiram Chodosh from Case-Western Reserve. Will become dean.


W. Kip Viscusi (Law and Econ, Torts, Product Liability) from Harvard

Michael Newton (International Criminal Law, Externships) from U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Joni Hersch (Law and Econ) from University of Wyoming Dept. of Economics (by way of adjunct position at Harvard Law)


Gregory Mitchell (Behavioral Law and Economics) from Florida State

Margo Bagley (IP, Contracts) from Emory

Tomiko Brown-Nagin (Education Law, Race and Law, Legal History) from Washington University in St. Louis

Michael Collins (Federal Courts) from Tulane.

Wayne State

Linda Beale (Tax) from Illinois

Western New England

Taylor Flynn (Gender, Sexual Orientation) from Northeastern


Linda Ammons from Cleveland-Marshall. Will become dean.

William and Mary

Michael Steven Green (Civil Procedure, Conflicts, Philosophy of Law) from George Mason


Christine Jolls (Behavioral Law and Econ, Employment Law) from Harvard

Tracey Meares (Criminal Law) from Chicago

Heather Gerken (Constitutional Law, Election Law) from Harvard

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33 Responses

  1. I don’t know why Brian Leiter thinks “Feminist Theory” should be listed as one of my primary subjects. I should think “Property Theory” would be a lot more accurate. Also, I have been teaching Contracts for 6 years now, and I have written a certain amount about it!


  2. KipEsquire says:

    Mark Tushnet transferred from Harvard to Harvard?

  3. Brian Leiter says:

    I guess because you’ve written some famous papers related to feminist theory, but I’ll certainly defer to your judgment about what you do!

  4. Racer X says:

    From Loyola LA to UC Davis:

    Lisa Ikemoto

  5. Nick says:

    Philip Hamburger also moved from Chicago to Columbia.

  6. Brian says:

    Claire A. Hill (business organizations, behavioral law & economics) has moved from Chicago-Kent to Minnesota

  7. FacultyGopher says:

    I’m a faculty assistant at a law school. Thanks for the list. Now I know that I’m going to have some new faces to learn, and new ways that professors like their documents formatted and their coffee prepared. 😉

  8. Lolita Buckner Inniss says:

    From Cleveland-Marshall to Widener

    Linda Ammons (will become dean)

  9. Ann Bartow says:

    My colleagues Marie Reilly (Bankruptcy, Contracts, Commercial Law) and John Lopatka (Antitrust, Torts) are, unfortunately, leaving South Carolina for Penn State.

  10. ashley giles says:

    haha a law professor called robert lawless.

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  13. Anon says:

    I believe Jeff Kahn (Tax) is leaving Santa Clara for Penn State-Dickinson.

  14. Anon says:

    I believe Eric Talley and Gillian Lester left USC and UCLA, respectively, for Berkeley.

  15. ANNON says:

    Daria Roithmayr is leaving Ill for USC

  16. gvibes says:

    Great, Michigan finally beefs up their IP presense, but only after I left. Bummer.

  17. Anon says:

    Brian Leiter has reported that Cary Coglianese is moving to Penn from the Kennedy School. Also, I understand Bruce Mann has accepted the position at Harvard.

  18. Adam says:

    Actually, I don’t think Talley and Lester have formally decamped for Boalt yet.

  19. anon says:

    Andrew Martin, of the political science department of Wash. U. (St. Louis) is joining the law school faculty, as director of a new Law & Politics institute.

  20. EN says:

    Yes, Bruce Mann is off to Harvard. Penn students mourn the loss.

  21. Law Student '06 says:

    Columbia University has also hired Suzanne Goldberg from Rutgers Law School. She will direct a new clinic on gender and sexuality.

    While they are not lateral moves, Columbia hired Olati Johnson as a new professor, along with C. Scott Hempill (Stanford Law graduate, Posner/Scalia clerk, Ph.D. candidate in economics from Stanford as well).

  22. Lateral Moves by Minority Law Profs – 2006

    Dan Filler over at Concurring Opinions posted a complete list of lateral moves by law faculty this year. Below I reproduce the portions of Professor Filler’s list that include people who are in the AALS Minority Law Teachers directory. California…

  23. Etaoin Shrdlu says:

    Keith Aoki, from University of Oregon to UC Davis.

  24. SC Prof says:

    South Carolina hires Susan Kuo (criminal law, section 1983) from Northern Illinois and Jack Pratt (legal history) from Notre Dame (will serve a Dean).

  25. ellen dannin says:

    Jeff Kahn is definitely moving to Penn State Dickinson from Santa Clara.

  26. BB says:

    Carol Rose should definitely be identified as Property as well as Environmental Law.

  27. shamu says:

    notable that 6 profs left tulane, w/o replacement

  28. Captain Obvious says:

    I don’t know why Brian Leiter thinks “Feminist Theory” should be listed as one of my primary subjects. I should think “Property Theory” would be a lot more accurate.

    But…um, isn’t this exactly the typical criticism of a male speaker that a feminist theorist who also specializes in property rights would make?

  29. LM says:

    Interesting, the number of professors specializing in Law & Economics. Is this a recent trend? In any case, it looks like the interdisciplinary approach is being embraced by a fair number of schools.

    Another noteworthy trend: the number of females hired to become law school deans.

  30. Matt says:

    Joshua Cohen (political philosophy) moved from MIT’s departments of philosoph and political science to the law school (and philosophy and political science) at Stanford starting in 2006. Cary Coglianese (admin law) has moved from the Kennedy School at Harvard to Penn Law starting 2006.

  31. Anon says:

    Ed Swaine moved from Penn-Wharton to GW.

  32. Jack S. says:

    Prof. Collins might be moving to UVA, but he’s physically still at Tulane for the moment.

  33. Bill says:

    Rosa Ehrenreich Brooks

    Virginia –> Georgetown (visitor in 05-06; permanent starting 06-07)