Victim Privacy vs. Criminal Enforcement

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1 Response

  1. Mildred Bilt says:

    The reluctance of sexual abuse victims to be publicly exposed is not limited to Church criminality. The same problem faces prosecutors in the broader society: known sexual predators who can’t be tried for lack of testimony or shortened sentences because only one witness comes forward when 50 or more victims are suspected. One result is recidivism and repeated offences, often ending in horrendous murder.

    The onus is on the justice system: in some violent gang cases in NY,terrified witnesses are allowed to testify incognito.

    The increased rise in murder and violent crime in cities across the country are another facet of the unwillingness of witnesses to testify because of personal fear. If the community is unable to participate in maintaining a civilized society, a judicial demand is naive in the extreme. That ivory tower needs a heavy dose of realism.