Selecting Book Publishers

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3 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Note also that the answer to these questions can vary quite a lot not just on the press but also with the series in the press or the editor. So, Cambridge University Press publishes lots of books that have (by accademic standards) high print runs and reasonable prices, but the books in their (excellent) Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Law series are rarely published in paperback and usually sell for around $75 or more. So, often one must look beyond just the press to the series w/in the press.

  2. Recent grad says:

    On a slight tangent regarding book prices:

    It is a real imposition to ask law students to plunk down $100 or more on an academic tome that will be used for three months and then relegated to the bookshelf.

    Ian Ayres (Yale) published an article in the NY Times last year in which he promised to return all royalties from his popular contracts book to his students.

    Of course, not all professors teach with a book they authored. This problem could easily be solved if more professors avoided assigning obscenely expensive casebooks and pointed students towards their Westlaw/Lexis accounts.

  3. M. Sean Fosmire says:

    A very important question 4:

    Will the publisher offer an electronic version?